Saturday 18th of May , at 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 PM.

Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke's.

Step into an atmospheric and immersive new experience created by Amir Konjani. Encounter a rusty metallic sound world inspired by concepts of other-ness and displacement. Then explore the combination of contemporary classical music with spatialisation, video art, performance sculpture and a 66 metre graphic score carpet.

And witness the debut performance of a new instrument, the Soveida Harp, Based on a Persian 'Chang چَنگ' which articulates it sound in eerie stereo.


Be disoriented.

Be surrounded.

Be provoked.




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Amir Konjani invented a unique new method to display and exhibit ‘shadowing’ and ‘tube-spacialisation’. He will present two kraken instruments, and the centrepiece will be the soveida harp designed by himself and especially built by the Iranian Master Abasi. With its twenty outward reaching tubular tentacles (ten on each side) extending into tombak-like conches, the soveida harp will be unveiled for the first time in these  ‘living sculpture’ performances.

The music score for the first performance will be graphically represented on a literal carpet as laid out on stage.